About Us

We started our business based on a passion for the best.  We have sought high quality, smart technology and durable products.  We have in many instances sought manufacturers to assist us create a product to fit our desires.

For years we have shared advice, created help sheets and assisted owners over the phone and email.  We are passionate about our animals and the products that work. 

Family fur members are medicine to people.  We have been apart of many, 2 people families and large families benefitting from adding a pet to there lives, it has been a privilege and inspiring.  We want to continue being apart of the happiness with quality solutions.

'We have an older dog who has been getting pressure sores as he scoops up his bedding and sleeps on the hard surface (no matter what bedding I offer him).  One of Kieran’s clients in the Manawatu makes the hospital beds for the ICU and critical care patients (these patients are prone to pressure sores and other ailments).  As I didn’t want to have him on antibiotics long term, we sought a bed from Abecca and have had results that have allowed us to take him off antibiotics’, he sleeps on the mattress and is a lot happier, more agile and comfortable in his joints.  It made us think.  We have engaged with Abecca to make these beds for the public.  It is the best foam (visco memory foam) and the best material (antimicrobial), is durable, long lasting and looks good.  We have spent a small fortune on the dogs beds over the years and vet bills, so this Samlu Bed ticks all the boxes for us is very exciting'. 


We are a family of 2 adults, 3 children and many dogs.  We all respectfully share a lifestyle property and enjoy a free-range dog friendly lifestyle environment.

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