Aluminium Car Crate - Folds-away, Smart design.

Aluminium Fold Away Vehicle Crates – XL & L

Product factual specifications:

  • Full aluminium product
  • Fold away for space saving and allowing YOUR vehicle to be multi purpose
  • Floor is sealed tray to hold in any accidents
  • Your dog will be secure in your vehicle – not a flying bullet increasing their injury outcome or yours in event of an incident.
  • Clever design from quick assembly and fold away for storage.
  • No saliva residue from your friendly pal on the back of seats
  • No chewed seat belts from your furry friend
  • Feel safe knowing your dog can see out.
  • Not a rattling wire cage.
  • Stylish for the modern vehicle.
  • Angle design to suit a vehicle.

XL crate measurements: Length 92cm * Top width 48cm * Floor width 58cm * Height 66cm

L crate measurements: Length 84cm * Top width 40cm * Floor width 58cm * Height 58cm

We are thrilled to provide these smart vehicle crates that allow the dog a safe passage and then the cage folds away for smart storage.

Quick and easy assembly.
Great car cages, vehicle transporters, collapsible crates for the station wagon, SUV, Hatch back and UTE. 

Price including gst and freight.  The courier is based on NZ wide including rural.  If you require a courier rate specific to your address, please contact me with your address for a quote.

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XL Aluminium car crate - fold away $265.00

L Aluminium car crate - fold away $195.00

We do attend dog shows in the North Island and am happy to provide products incurring no courier fees.  Please let us know what products you require for your dogs:)