JacAnLil LAYBY POLICY



The minimum deposit required on a layby is 25% of the total purchase price.


We want to be helpful with this so we are giving you 3 months to complete your payments however we do ask that regular payments are made monthly. Should this not occur then we will be placed in the horrible position of having]to cancel the layby (please see cancellations below).


Laybys are held at the price as per the original invoice. Any later price changes, up or down, will not affect the outstanding layby balance.


Payments must be made via banking online into the JacAnLil bank account, account number 12-3442-0003181-00.  When you make these payments please include your full name.  Once payment has been received an email will be sent to you with your updated balance.


Sale items cannot be placed on layby.


If you have two or more items on the same layby the layby balance must be paid in full before any of the goods can be collected. If you wish to take only one of the items, the layby must be cancelled first, incurring cancellation fees. You may then purchase any item you wish; however you cannot re-layby any items that have been on a cancelled layby.


If the sale is cancelled the item will be returned to stock. You will be entitled to a refund of the total amount you have paid less the initial deposit paid when the layby was started.

If there has been decrease in the retail value of the item by the cancellation date, this amount will also be deducted from any refund entitlement.


a ) The layby merchandise will remain as JacAnLil property until the purchase price is paid in full.

b ) We will deliver the layby merchandise to you in accordance with our usual delivery policies once the purchase price has been paid in full.

c ) For the avoidance of doubt, our usual returns policies will apply to the layby merchandise.

Please contact us for the JacAnLil Layby Application form;

email jacanlil.co.nz   or   phone 0274 911 355

 Layby sales are covered by the Fair Trading Act. The Act applies to all layby sale agreements for goods priced at $15,000 or less and entered into from 17 June 2014.

[1] JacAnLil Layby Policy 24 February 2017