Orthopaedic Big Bed



·   The base is Orthopaedic foam to 9cm thick.

·   Orthopaedic foam can be cold, for added value to the foam and comfort of the pet, the comfort topper adds comfort and at 14 cm thick, a snuggly topper.

·  Total thickness for a heavier dog – 23cm

·  The comfort topper material is a suede finish for the pets.

·  The cover is a quality canvas material for hard wearing with a tough floor material.

·  The foam and topper can be removed to allow the outer material to be washed.

·  This bed is the ultimate for comfort for your pet and a great size measuring:



  • 73cm wide
  • 100cm long

We researched a quality comfort bed for the heavier breed and am thrilled to offer the Ortho Big Bed for Pets.

$90.00incl gst  Courier cost to be added at time of payment.

Courier Cost:

Taihape North - non rural $21.00

Taihape North - rural $24.00

Taihape South - non rural (North Island) $14.00

Taihape South - rural (North Island) $18.00

South Island - non rural $38.00

South Island - rural $41.00