Pet Booster Seat

  • Safe travel for you (your peace of mind) and your pet.
  • Easy Zip construction

  • Use car seatbelt and additional wrap around strap to secure the booster seat.
  • Can use in the front or back seat of vehicle.
  • Leash attachment in the booster seat to secure your pet.
  • Additional side holes for airflow.
  • 1 large picket for leash
  • 3 pockets for drink bottle, treat bag and clean up bags.
  • Lid can be zipped closed for teaching a new pet to stay in booster seat with mesh roof.
  • For privacy and security, the lid can be fully closed.
  • This booster seat sits on the car seat, not elevated.  Elevated pet booster seats can cause injury if the pet leaps out.
  • Mat in booster seat has straps if pillow or added bedding to be secured.
  • During shedding season, the booster seat prevents added pet hair in the vehicle.
  • Measures 36*36*24cm.
  • Suitable for small dogs and puppies.
  • Material is sturdy 600D polyester fabric.
  • Folds up to 6cm for easy storage in vehicle rear compartment.

Pet booster seats allow for safe and comfortable travel of your pet in the front or rear vehicle seat.  Pets only want to be a-part of everyday activity and see their human parents.  A booster seat in the front allows this close bond to continue in a safe manner.

JacAnLil have for many years modified travel to allow for our dogs comfort and continued family togetherness.  These booster seats allow us to start vehicle training our new additions from young off.  Highly recommended

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$25.00 incl gst, handling & freight NZ wide