Pet Hammock with Canopy for SHADE

  •   Quality Hammock with removable canopy
  •  Quality canvas and mesh (mesh allows breathable laying      surface for pet)


Large: 92L * 71W * 18cm off ground                    Price $59.00 freight NZ wide

OUT OF STOCK Extra Large:  122L * 92W * 23cm off ground      Price  $65.00 freight NZ wide

Dogs love to lay outside, feeling the sun and cool breeze.  The hammock gives them a supportive and breathable surface to lie on.

Elevated off the ground keeps them cleaner and with airflow = cooler.


The canopy gives shade and is removable if your pet is uncertain about the cover. 

If collecting from a show I am attending, price is L $40.00  

& EL $52.00