NERH Pet Mats

No Electricity Required Heated Pet Mats

Materials within the pet mat, absorb and radiate heat

back to the pet.

  • No electricity, so no power cords for the pet to chew or the humans to trip over.
  • No electricity cords mean the mat can be located anywhere in the home, in crates in stadiums in the vehicle.
  • Older pets with poorer circulation benefit from warmth promoting better circulation and a comfy warm mat.
  • Heavy boned pets benefit from a warm mat in the colder months, preventing joint stiffness and keeping them youthful and mobile. 
  • Smaller pets who feel the cold would love these self heating mats. 
  • These mats are a perfect fit for a crate.
  • These mats are very popular with small animal enthusiasts.
  • Wash really well (delicate cycle - cold water)
  • Lush and warm with fluffy cream cover
  • These really do work, your fur member will love it.


Comfort and warmth is what all well-loved fur member deserve.

A NERH mat ticks all the boxes for warmth and comfort. 


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$22.00 each

North Island: $4.00
South Island: $5.25