Pulse Oximetre

Post Surgery Pet Monitoring Tool

Veterinary Pulse Oximetre - a fantastic 'peace of mind' tool for a discerning small animal owner / breeder to monitor your pets recovery at home post surgery.

  • Life-saving monitoring device for your pet post-surgery in the comfort of your own home. 
  • Oxygen saturation (SpO2) in the blood is vital to ensure your pets recovery post-surgery has gone smoothly.  Oxygen levels below 96% are your indicator to seek immediate re-address of your pets health.
  • These devices are so important especially post c-section.   
  • This Pulse Oximetre is the same device your vets use.  It is easy to use with       pre-sets for cats and dogs built in. 
  • Portable to use in your home or out with your pets.

    Disclaimer:  Use as directed with your vets knowledge.

    JacAnLil’s purpose for providing these Pulse Oximeters to breeders and pet owners, are for your benefit of securing your pets health post-surgery.  We have had vets not use a Pulse Oximeter to our pets demise.  This will save you heartache and protect your pets life.

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$795.00 incl handling, freight & GST NZ wide