10 Piece Puppy Play Pen

                 with Umbrella

Figure 8 Style - Quality Build 

• Quality build with solid bars and joins.
• Outer bar thickness is 1.6cm wide  
• Inner bars thickness is 1.1cm
• Space between bars is 4.5cm
• 10 sections to make a play pen of figure 8 style OR option of small pen with 6 panels in a solid circle.
• Each section is 80 * 80cm.
• Sections are joined by a quality join.
• The door has a stopper to not swing inwards.
• A quality single latch for secure play area for the fur members.
• An excellent product to assemble as a single small playpen and then evolve into a sleep and play area.  
• Perfect for inside or outside for an evolving fur member or multiple fur babies.
• Umbrella is excellent as a deterrent for a jumping puppy and fantastic for outdoors - summertime 


Please include COURIER  COST when paying for these items:

Play Pen $155.00 incl GST

Courier Taihape North - non rural $21.00

Taihape North - rural $25.00

Taihape South - non rural (North Island) $13.00

Taihape South - rural (North Island) $16.00

South Island $38.00

We attend dog shows regularly throughout the year and am happy to take items you purchase to the show to save on freight costs.