ULTRA Canine Fish & Rice

*  Wheat and G.E Free  *  Tested to EXCEED AAFCO protocols  *

A lovely fresh rich aroma.  

A fantastic product to offer older dogs, less active dogs or dogs who look at food and increase weight.  This product offers a great source of vitamins and minerals and will maintain a healthy weight.

Always make sure water is available for your dog.

Our application:  Breakfast I give as is.  Dinner I add some mashed mackerel and fluid to let it soak a bit.

20kg bag delivered within Auckland $137.15 incl gst (NZD delivery only)

20kg bag delivered outside Auckland $145.20 incl gst (NZD delivery only)

** With Omega 3 & Omega 6, Kelp and Rosemary**

NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

The above application is for my dogs.  Please review the range of products as you know your dog best.  Know that this product is very healthy and will make for a more satisfied and healthy fur member.