Wire Crate - 4XL

A Quiet Place for a Dog
& Cat to Relax


  • Great for a puppy to large dog OR a cat for a night sleep.
  • Firm and easy to fold down for transporting (comfortable handle grip)
  • Firm and easy to assemble for use.
  • Enables you to take your family member on holiday with you as the crate is their quiet sale place, in a new environment.
  • Plastic base tray removable for cleaning.
  • Front and side door entry / exit to suit.
  • Size 134L * 84W * 94T cm = 4XL
  • 100% non-toxic powder coasted, no dangerous sharp edges.

A crate is only a cage if it houses an animal all day.  NO ANIMAL SHOULD BE CAGED ALL DAY.  A crate is a safe and quiet place for a dog to relax, sleep at night, if visitors are too stimulating for your dog they can have their space, if they decide to sleep and rest, or take their toys to keep safe if other dogs are around.  A crate is a great tool to help a family teach a puppy to hold overnight.  Suitable bedding should be provided and water.

JacAnLil advocate crate training as a way to include your fur member in your home as part of your family.  We have used this method for years and have all our fur members as part of our family.

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$195.00 incl gst, handling & freight NZ Wide

If collecting from a show I am attending, price less freight is $175.00